Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to introduce myself very briefly and concretely and invite you to work together. Konrad Nowacki – CEO Group

Master in Business Administration and Management, working in investment banking for more than 19 years, working in financial institutions, ia. in the headquarters of Bank PKO Warsaw.

Completion of postgraduate studies in European Banking Law at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Law.

For the consulting companies, he has obtained individual accreditation in relation to the procurement of external sources of financing.

As part of the investment projects, he gives lectures and individual consultations for European companies on the investment opportunities in Poland and cooperates with the Sparkasse banks and the German-Polish coordination office at the savings bank.

On the basis of a partnership, he works together with the speaker of the Hamburg Parliament in the field of the introduction of Polish products on the German market and the acquisition of foreign investors.

Owner of over 7 companies in Europe, supports German and European companies as consultants. Founder of First Class Lodge in Zurich.