SMAFK finance Group

as part of the financial group in cooperation with private investors, banks, investment and technology funds from around the world, it implements and supervises investments implemented in the most important investments of the present era.

We co-finance investments in areas in all business areas that bring a sufficiently high rate of return.

We verify every project, check investors, verify the authenticity of the tasks.

SMAFK secures every investment through cooperation with insurers from around the world.

We finance the following:

Mikro firmy / Start Up
Small and medium companies
Large companies and corporations
State investments

Automotiv – we provide support in the creation of micro companies specializing in the production of components for all vehicles. We are looking for interesting and new solutions in the field of energy accumulation, reduction of fuel consumption as well as in the scope of IT solutions aimed at increasing safety. We co-finance investments in the production and processing of fuels, lubricants and crude oil.

Renewable energy – we support every significant project, carry out an audit, suggest solutions and carry out complete installations from 1 MW. We also finance smaller investments and modern cogeneration solutions using renewable energy.

Medicine – we co-finance the majority of target projects related to new formulas created as part of R & D projects. We are looking for family businesses with a great knowledge potential, seeking financing and sales support. Dietary supplements are also in the area of our interest. We are looking for companies with new solutions based on natural curative and supportive measures.

Construction – we co-finance modern productions of building materials, we finance R & D works in the field of searching for new building materials. We implement construction projects, supply construction materials, and supervise financial and technical projects.

Food and agricultural investments. We co-finance plantations for both agricultural produce and the creation of water reservoirs for fish, shrimp and other farms. As part of financing, we support purchases and construction of new breeding agglomerations. We co-finance the creation of new agricultural machinery and equipment for threshing, production, sorting and drying.

The military industry is not just guns tanks and rifles. We provide financing for R & D activities in the field of transforming and adjusting military solutions for use in everyday life. This applies to all types of solutions. We work with institutes and companies dealing with the military.

IT – Information Technology. We finance the creation of applications, technical solutions for intelligent buildings, production control, and improvement of other processes. We finance R & D as well as investments in the creation of new server stations and application solutions.

Electronics is a field that supports every modern solution in the present world that exists in virtually every industry. We co-finance R & D activities and work to the extent that will enable modification and creation of new thematic solutions.

Experience and references for 15 years.

We have kept our references from over 350 clients. Currently, investment activities are supervised by a master’s degree in international banking law, an investment financier and a manager with over 25 years of banking experience.